Privacy policy

Frontier Technology considers that it is our responsibility to properly handle and strictly protect Personal Information according to Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection JIS Q 15001 and other laws and regulations related to Personal Information, as a socially responsible company that provides engineering services and dispatches human resources in the industry.

1. Compliance with Laws

  • When handling Personal Information, Frontier Technology shall comply with the obligations set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Information, and guidelines published by the competent ministers, as well as with this Privacy Policy.

2. Definition of Personal Information

“Personal Information” means information that can identify a specific individual. Personal Information includes a name, a phone number, an e-mail address, an address, work places, and other information of an individual, one or combinations of more than one of which allows others to identify a specific individual. Frontier Technology receives Personal Information through exchanging business cards by sales officers and through entering necessary information in our registration process on our web site.

3.Purpose to Use Personal Information

Personal Information that Frontier Technology receives through our business activities to promote employment and registration and to promote sales, such as our web site management, seminars, guidance, job fair, registration session, training session, orientation session and any other opportunities shall be used for following purposes:

  • Selecting employees;
  • Arranging work force;
  • Management of employees;
  • Introducing dispatched workplaces
  • Providing and sending information from Frontier Technology, such as job opportunities, campaigns, and events; and
  • Marketing to improve our services, such as releasing and collecting questionnaire and opinions.

4.Acquiring Personal Information

Frontier Technology shall notify in advance purposes to use Personal Information and scope of partner companies, contact information for inquiries, and other necessary information to an individual and shall confirm a consent of such an individual before we receive Personal Information.

5.Scope of Use

Frontier Technology shall handle Personal Information only within a scope required to achieve the previously specified purposes of use, except where a prior consent of an individual has been obtained or where it is permitted by law.

6.Disclosure to Third Party

Frontier Technology shall not provide or disclose Personal Information to a third party without obtaining a prior consent of an individual, except for following occasions or activities:

  • Selecting employees;
  • Having obtained a consent from an individual;
  • Protecting life, health, and significant benefits of an individual such as its properties;
  • Being lawfully required by a competent court, police and other governmental organizations to disclose, or being considered that it should be disclosed by laws and regulations;
  • Other reasonable reasons.

7.Supervision Over Trustee

Frontier Technology may entrust handling of Personal Information to a third party within a scope required to achieve the previously specified purposes of use. In such a case, Frontier Technology shall confirm that a selected third party is capable of practicing appropriate security and management measures to protect Personal Information, and shall execute a contract with the third party so that Frontier Technology can properly supervise their practices.

8.Security and Management

  • Frontier Technology shall keep and control Personal Information in a strict and appropriate manner and shall have necessary security measures in place, such as Firewall, to prevent unauthorized access, leak, distribution, or altering of Personal Information, and any other damages.
  • Frontier Technology has developed a reliable information security system to strictly protect Personal Information. Frontier Technology shall limit accesses to Personal Information from our employees, so that Personal Information is not taken out of our control and system, or viewed for unnecessary reasons.

9.Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

Frontier Technology shall accept and respond to requests by an individual to cease using Personal Information or to correct Personal Information, when any inappropriate disclosure of or incorrectness to Personal Information is found. Upon such a request, Frontier Technology shall follow required processes to swiftly fulfill the request.

10.Continuing Improvement

Frontier Technology shall continue to strengthen and improve our system to properly handle and strictly protect Personal Information, including assigning a responsible manager to control Personal Information, defining internal rules, educating management officers and employees, performing appropriate internal audits, and reviewing and updating this Policy.

11.Contact for Inquiry

Please contact our Management team at Frontier Technology for any inquiries concerning Personal Information. Upon successfully verifying an identification, we will respond to your inquiry.


Frontier Technology may make changes to this Policy to update our capability to protect Personal Information and to accommodate any changes made in laws and regulations related to Personal Information to this Policy. Please see updates in our web site.

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