Message from CEO

We are now in our 19th year in the semiconductor contract business, which started at the same time as our founding in 2004. Through many jobs, we have accumulated our knowledge and refined one piece of technology, which is low power and low noise solution. Our technology is only one piece of the electronic components, but we hope to be behind the scenes that supports the customer's product by incorporating our technology into the customer's product to make it shine brighter and more attractive.

Our customers are the ones who evaluate our technology. To satisfy our customers, we always face and meet their expectations, which is the driving force of our growth. As the digitalization of society makes semiconductors an increasingly important piece of the electronic components, we will continue to carefully and faithfully walk the path of growth together with our customers.

Frontier Technology Inc CEO

Frontier Technology Inc CEO

Company profile

Name Frontier Technology Inc.
Establishment May 2004
CEO Atsushi Chiba
Main Office 258-10 Chino, Chino, Nagano, Japan. 391-0001
Design Center 258-10 Chino, Chino, Nagano, Japan. 391-0001
Design Center
Stork Tower 1004A 2-15-1 Yayoi-cho, naka-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan. 231-0058
Design Center
Sinoosakabussan Bld.301, 3-10-13 Nishinakajima,
Osaka Shi Yodogawa Ku, Osaka Fu, 532-0011, Japan
Capital 34,000,000 yen
Business Operation Designing front and back ends of analog semiconductor